Service Package

ZIPAIR has arranged a variety of packages that allow passengers to purchase combinations of our services (such as checked-in baggage and prior selection of seats) for an even lower price.

  • Able to purchase 48 hours before departure.
  • If would like to add any service after perchasing the tickets, please call the contact center.

There are three varieties of service packages(VALUE, BIZ, PREMIUM) available, allowing a choice of content.

Types of service packages


    • Prior seat selection
    • Check-in baggage(23kg)
    • Inflight meal(Standard)
  • BIZ

    • Prior seat selection
    • Carry-on baggage(+5kg)

    • Prior seat selection
    • Carry-on baggage(+5kg)
    • Check-in baggage(23kg)
    • Inflight meal(Standard)
    • Courtesy set (no tote bag)

Please understand that the services below are not available as part of the packages.

Services Not Provided Through Packages

Select seats in advance
Exit row seats, front-row seats, and non-reclining seats cannot be selected
Inflight Meals
Menu items that are prepared 72 or 96 hours in advance cannot be selected
Check-in Baggage
Items weighing between 23 - 32 kg cannot be selected
B-Set can not be selected
  • * Customers who purchase a package and whose luggage exceeds 23 kg must either pay for a separate 32 kg luggage allowance or pay the difference at the airport. Paying at the airport will incur a handling fee.
  • * Once the purchase is complete, we cannot refund the passengers under certain circumstances.
  • * If an online booking will be made for several customers at once, they must all purchase the same package.