ZIPAIR Point Club

ZIPAIR’s free members' program. You can register easily from the website. You are eligible for special benefits if you join our paid members program.
The ZIPAIR Point Club is a convenient, free loyalty program for ZIPAIR customers. As a member, you can earn and spend ZIPAIR points. By paying an annual fee, you can be a member of the ZIPAIR Point Club Plus with special benefits.

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  • ZIPAIR Point Club

    Earn and spend ZIPAIR Points
    Annual fee
    Joining the ZIPAIR Point Club
    • Anyone who has an email address can sign up.
    • When the initial e-mail registration is completed, an additional registration link will be sent to the registered e-mail address. Once the necessary information is filled in and submitted, registration is completed.
    • Registrations are only available from ZIPAIR's website.
  • ZIPAIR Point Club Plus

    • Earn and spend ZIPAIR Points
    • 30% discount for checked baggage (Discounts apply only when purchased on the website.)
    Annual fee
    5,000 yen (Not applicable for Japanese sales tax)
    Joining ZIPAIR Point Club Plus
    • This fee-based loyalty program costs an annual fee of 5,000 yen.
    • You can upgrade to the ZIPAIR Point Club Plus after joining the ZIPAIR Point Club.
    • You need to register your credit card to join ZIPAIR Point Club Plus.
    • Membership is valid 365 days from the date of application.Membership is automatically renewed every year.The annual fee will be charged to your credit card one week before the renewal date (Japan time).
    • Members may use their ZIPAIR Points to pay the annual fee.
    • Sporting goods are not included in the discount items.
    • Registrations are only available from ZIPAIR's website.
    Withdrawing from ZIPAIR Point Club Plus
    • You must pay the annual fee upfront.
    • Even if you cancel before the year period is complete, there is no refund for the unused portion of the membership fee.
    • Even if you decide to withdraw from the ZIPAIR Point Club Plus, you continue to be a member of the ZIPAIR Point Club.


If there is anything else that is still unclear, please see FAQ.