ZIPAIR points are so easy to earn and use. And are also exchangeable with JAL air miles!
By signing in to the ZIPAIR Club, you can earn ZIPAIR points. Accumulated points can be used to purchase ZIPAIR services. It is also available to exchange "JALmiles⇒ZIPAIR points" or "ZIPAIR points ⇒JALmiles".


  • Earning points by using the ZIPAIR services

    Join ZIPAIR Point Club or ZIPAIR Point Club Plus as a member to collect Points.

  • Use your points with ZIPAIR

    One ZIPAIR point is worth 1 yen. Points can also be used for purchases on the ZIPAIR website and during flights.

    * Purchases made using points can only be reserved via the contact center.

  • Mutual exchangeability with JAL Miles

    JAL Miles can be exchanged for ZIPAIR Points and ZIPAIR Points can be exchanged for JAL Miles.

Service details


Anyone who is a member of the ZIPAIR Point Club may use the service.

Ways to earn points, number of points, and expiry

Points can be earned in a variety of ways.

  • Joining ZIPAIR Point Club

    Expiry (Japan time)
    1 year
    Total Converted Points
    100 Points
    Points can only be earned for first registration
  • Joining ZIPAIR Point Club Plus

    Expiry (Japan time)
    1 year
    Total Converted Points
    1,000 Points
    Points can only be earned for first registration
  • JAL Miles Exchange

    Expiry (Japan time)
    1 year
    Total Converted Points
    Varies according to the number of JAL Miles exchanged.

Spending ZIPAIR Points

  • It is only available when booking with ZIPAIR Website or *In-Flight Shopping Portal.
  • When purchasing using ZIPAIR Points, the only currency option you can select is Japanese yen.
  • If there is cancellation of your reservation or itinerary, we will refund the Points to your Points account based on the Refund Policy for each service.
    * For passengers who reserved Tokyo=Seoul route and used Points for purchasing tickets or any services, you cannot cancel the flight from the ZIPAIR website. Please contact the contact center.
  • When doing the payment, you can pay all by Points or only a part of it. In that case you can only do the rest payment by credit card.

Service available to use the points

  • Flight ticket
  • Various taxes
  • Various Optional Services
  • In-flight shopping (coming soon)
  • ZIPAIR Point Club Plus Annual Fee

Timing of Points addition and subtraction

ZIPAIR points are added and subtracted in real-time as a general rule.
(Points may not always be added in real-time in promotions, etc.)

Exchanging with JAL Miles

  • Connecting ZIPAIR ID with JMB Member ID
    • About the exchange of JAL miles, you must link " the ZIPAIR ID and JMB membership number together " in advance at the ZIPAIR website.
    • If you click "Connect with JAL Mileage Bank" on my page then the authentication page of JAL will pop up.
    • Login to the JAL authentication page, then the link between the two manberships will be complete.
    • If the registration of the birth date does not match between two memberships, then it will not be able to link the memberships together.
  • Exchanging ZIPAIR points for JAL Miles

    On the ZIPAIR website, you can log in to the JAL Mileage Bank where you can apply for the points exchange.

    • Exchange rate
      2 ZIPAIR points ⇒ 1 JAL Mile
    • Unit of exchange
      You may exchange in 2 ZIPAIR point units.
  • Exchanging JAL Miles for ZIPAIR points

    On the ZIPAIR website, you can log in to the JAL Mileage Bank where you can apply for the Point.

    • Exchange rate
      10,000 Mile unit - 1JAL Mile ⇒ 1.5 ZIPAIR points
      1,000 Mile unit - 1JAL Mile ⇒ 1.0 ZIPAIR Points
    • Unit of exchange
      You may exchange in units of 3,000 Miles, 5,000 Miles or 10,000 Miles.
      E.g. 3,000 Miles × 1 + 5,000 Miles × 1 + 10,000 Miles × 1 = 18,000 Miles
      ⇒ 10,000 Miles × 1.5 + 8,000 Miles × 1.0 = 23,000 Points


This is a limited point that is not able to change into JAL Mileage. You can use it on the ZIPAIR website or the in-flight sales portal website (*) in the same way as ZIPAIR points, except that you cannot redeem JAL miles. "ZIPAIR LIMITED POINTS" will be awarded mainly in the campaigns that are held sequentially.

* The in-flight limited point usage service will start sequentially.


If there is anything else that is still unclear, please see FAQ.