Services Onboard

Passengers can access and use a variety of complimentary services to enjoy inflight entertainment on their own devices such as a smartphone or tablet.

Free Internet Service

Passengers can use free internet when taking ZIPAIR's flight.
Although on a long flight, passengers can enjoy checking emails or using SNS.

  • * This service is provided via a communication satellite, the flight and weather conditions may affect the connection stability.
  • * If the access crows it will be hard to connect with internet.
  • * Due to the need for the limited connection bandwidth to be shared among all customers, some internet services and/or websites may not be available.
  • * For safety or other reasons, the flight Wi-Fi service may be stopped.
  • * Loss of data or damage to devices while using this service is the sole responsibility of the customer.
  • * Wi-Fi contacts:Panasonic Avionics call center

Onboard shopping

Passengers can use their mobile devices to order and purchase desired items onboard the aircraft whenever they like. The cabin crew will deliver the items to your seat. Along with snacks and drinks (soft drinks/alcohol), a variety of specially selected duty-free items and original ZIPAIR merchandise is available.

The ways for payment in-flight sales

Methods of Payment

The following methods of payment can be used onboard ZIPAIR aircraft. * Please note that cash cannot be used onboard the aircraft.

  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, Discover)

Payment Currency

Customers may select the payment currency on the internet site. * ZIPAIR converts the currency at its applicable foreign exchange rates.

  • * When the flight internet can not be provided, the same equipment one segment per JPY 30,000, up to once per settlement JPY 20,000, will be set as the upper limit of the available amount of money.

Onboard Entertainment

Our new onboard entertainment service allows passengers to watch films, read magazines, play music, and a variety of original video content from ZIPAIR. Our wide selection of entertainment will be available through the inflight portal. Passengers can enjoy this for free on their mobile devices.

For passengers to use our services safely and comfortably, please follow the important points when onboard.