Precautions Onboard

  • Behavior that Obstructs Safety Onboard

    The following measures may be taken as required to ensure the safety, security, and comfort of other passengers and cabin crew.

    • Refusal of sales of alcohol, confiscation of any remaining alcohol
    • Restrictions on behavior on board, use of physical restraints
    • Upon disembarking
    • Report/cooperation from police authorities, etc.
  • Use of Seatbelts

    Passengers must fasten their seatbelts when seated.

  • Baggage in Emergency Exit Rows

    Passengers seated in the emergency exit rows must not have baggage/bulky items on their knees or on top of their feet during takeoff and landing.

  • Use of Bathrooms Prior to Boarding

    The plane cannot depart until all passengers are seated.
    Upon entering the plane, please be seated as quickly as possible and fasten your seatbelt.
    Prior to boarding, please use the bathroom and organize any items you will need on the plane.

  • Unauthorized Photography/Filming is Forbidden

    When taking photos/filming inside the aircraft and around the airport, please ensure you do not obstruct or inconvenience other passengers.
    Due to issues surrounding publicity rights/privacy, please do not film or take photos of ground or cabin crew without permission.

  • Bringing foods and drinks Onboard

    In principle, you may not eat the foods or drinks which you brought on board in the aircraft.

  • Finish Downloading Prior to Boarding

    Please ensure you download any videos/music you wish to use onboard prior to boarding.

  • About in- flight sales

    Panssengers are able to use thire own terminals to ourder,purchase all in-flight sales.
    It should be noted that the payment will only accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, JCB). Place note that we do not handle cash in the flight.