Regarding payment

Payment methods

The following methods of payment can be used with ZIPAIR.

Website(desktop/mobile site) orvia our contact center

  • Payment will be made using the online payment service (external website) partnered with ZIPAIR. After selecting the payment method, you will be deemed to have agreed with the privacy policy of each online payment service.
  • Information regarding payments sent via our contact center will include deadlines in both Japan Standard Time (JST) and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Please ensure payments are made in line with the deadline.
  • For the payment, ZIPAIR will use the online service (external site) Worldpay, Inc. a company with which we have a tie-up. The selection of payment method indicates that the passengers have agreed to the privacy policy of the online payment service. Please note. (Worldpay Inc. Privacy Policy:

Details of how to pay on the website

Payment Currency

Customers may select the payment currency on the internet site.

* ZIPAIR converts the currency at its applicable foreign exchange rates.