Paid Lounge Service

We provide lounge services designed to enhance your pre-flight relaxation experience. You can conveniently reserve access to these services in advance through our website or by reaching out to our customer service center

Narita Airport Paid Lounge




Narita Airport, Terminal 1, Satellite 1, 4th floor (Take the elevator in front of boarding gate 15 to the 4th floor)

Opening Hours



5,700 yen

  • *Children under 2 years old enjoy free admission.
Basic Service

Meals, drinks (soft drinks, alcohol), free WiFi, toilets and showers

  • *Food and drinks cannot be brought into the lounge.
  • *Additional options cannot be purchased directly at the lounge reception.
  • *You cannot stay beyond the closing time.
How to use

Please present your ZIPAIR boarding pass or receipt at the lounge reception desk.

Honolulu Airport Paid Lounge


Lea Lea Airport Lounge (Managed by Hawaii HIS Corporation)

Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (Honolulu Airport) International Departure Terminal 1st Floor

Opening Hours

Open from 7:00 AM until the departure time of ZIPAIR flights.


$38 USD

  • *Children under 2 years old: Free
Basic Service

Amenities and Refreshments: Light meals and snacks (cup ramen, chips, nuts, pound cake),Alcohol (Hawaiian craft beer, wine, shochu),Soft drinks,Coffee & tea,Free Wi-Fi

  • *Food and beverage options are subject to change.
How to use

To access the lounge, please present the purchased ZIPAIR lounge coupon at the reception.If you prefer a physical copy, we recommend printing the coupon in advance for your convenience.

  • *Please note that access may not be available when the lounge is at full capacity. In such instances, a meal coupon will be provided instead.
  • * Depending on the payment currency selected by the customer, it may be converted using the exchange rate applied by us.
  • * Please note that you will be charged an additional booking fee if you purchase through the contact center.
  • * No refunds will be made at the customers request after purchase.
  • * Please note that opening hours and ZIPAIR purchase privileges are subject to change without prior notice.
  • * Please note that you may not be allowed to use the lounge due to congestion or other facility issues.In that case, the option fee will be refunded.
  • * Depending on the infection status of the COVID19, the provision of alcoholic beverages may be restricted at the request of the government / local government. Even in that case, the fee will not be refunded.
  • * You may not stay beyond the closing time.