Wagyu Souvenir Service Launches on January 31

Press Release

Providing a convenient gift option exclusive to ZIPAIR customers ● Purchases must be made 48 hours prior to departure. ● Wagyu gift item(s) will be available to check in at the airport counter. ● Customers will pick up the item upon arriving at the destination.

Tokyo, January 24, 2024 – ZIPAIR Tokyo announced a partnership with JA ZEN-NOH Meat Foods Co., Ltd., and JAL Cargo Service Co., Ltd. offering a new exclusive service to purchase Japanese Wagyu beef for customers traveling to Singapore and/or the United States, starting January 31, 2024. In accordance with Japan`s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries goal to reach 5 trillion yen in annual exports by 2030, JA ZEN-NOH Group and Narita City Wholesale Market had been working with JAL Cargo to create a new commercial and commodity distribution channel to export products from Japan. Through this new partnership, the companies will provide a convenient option to purchase Japanese Wagyu beef on select international routes operated by ZIPAIR. Customers will have the option to purchase the gift item on ZIPAIR`s website, which will be available for check-in on the day of departure, providing a stress-free retail experience. Moving forward, JAL ZEN-NOH Group will work with local meat manufacturers to supply Japanese Wagyu beef, which will be stored, packed, and prepared for export through Narita City Wholesale Market. JAL Cargo will transport the items directly to Narita International Airport on the day of departure. Since its establishment in 2018, ZIPAIR has continued to define a new standard in the airline industry by offering a unique low-cost business model, while creating a new value in air travel. Through this announcement, ZIPAIR aims to promote tourism in Japan by offering premium quality Japanese Wagyu to its valued customers.

Details of Service Applicable Routes: Departing from Narita to Singapore, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, and Honolulu. Commencement of Service: Service starts on flights departing from January 31, 2024 (Sales start on January 24 on ZIPAIR`s website) Products Available for Sale: Japanese Wagyu Beef (Grade A5) <Singapore Route> Limited to 5.0kg/11lbs per customer ● Steak (Ribeye or Sirloin) ● Shabu-Shabu / Sukiyaki (Ribeye, Sirloin, Chuck) <U.S. Routes> Limited to 22.6kg/50lbs per customer ● Block (Ribeye or Sirloin) Prices will be available on the ZIPAIR website. https://lp.zipair.net/nonair/wagyu/en/info/lp/2401/index.html

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