ZIPAIR Announces Summer Schedule 2023 Flights Now Available for Sale to Seoul, Bangkok, Honolulu, and Los Angeles

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Tokyo, November 10, 2022 – ZIPAIR announced the carrier`s operating schedule to Seoul, Bangkok, Honolulu, and Los Angeles during the 2023 summer season, ending October 28, 2023. Reservations and sales start today, November 10. Operating Schedule March 26, 2023 – October 28, 2023   Route Flight Schedule Operates Tokyo Narita = ZG41 DEP Narita 8:55 ARR Seoul 11:30 Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun Seoul Incheon ZG42 DEP Seoul 12:55 ARR Narita 15:25 Tokyo Narita = ZG51 DEP Narita 17:00 ARR Bangkok 21:45 Daily Bangkok ZG52 DEP Bangkok 23:10 ARR Narita 7:25 Suvarnabhumi (Next Day) Tokyo Narita = ZG2 DEP Narita 19:15 ARR Honolulu 7:30 Tues/Thurs/Sat Honolulu ZG1 DEP Honolulu 9:30 ARR Narita 13:10 (Next Day) Tokyo Narita = ZG24 DEP Narita 14:40 ARR Los Angeles 8:25 Daily Los Angeles ZG23 DEP Los Angeles 10:25 ARR Narita 14:10 (Next Day) - Between June 1 and October 28, 2023, HNL flights arrive at 7:50 and departs at 9:50. - Between July 1 and March 25, LAX flights arrive at 8:55 and departs at 10:55. ※Flight schedules are subject to relevant government approvals. ※Operating schedules between Tokyo Narita=Singapore and Tokyo Narita=Mineta San Jose will be announced at a later date. Reservations and Sales Tickets will be available for sale on November 10 (12:00 Japan Standard Time) For additional details, including fare information, visit Sample Airfares Fare Type Route  ZIP Full-Flat Standard    U6 Standard From Narita to Seoul  JPY30,000 ~ JPY8,000 ~ JPY3,000 (Flat Rate) From Narita to Bangkok  JPY49,000 ~ JPY12,500 ~ JPY5,000 (Flat Rate) From Narita to Honolulu  JPY59,800 ~ JPY19,800 ~ JPY7,000 (Flat Rate) From Narita to Los Angeles  JPY88,000 ~ JPY27,500 ~ JPY10,000 (Flat Rate) ※Airfares shown above are per seat / one-way fares departing from Tokyo Narita. ※In addition to the airfare, airport charges, fees, and taxes are required. ※Carrier does not impose fuel surcharges. ※Each fare includes a maximum of 7kg of carry-on baggage allowance. ※Additional fees apply for optional services, including checked baggage, inflight meals, etc.

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