ZIPAIR to Introduce an Environmentally Friendly Meal Option

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Offering Meals Rich in Protein while Reducing Food Waste Tokyo, June 23, 2022 – As part of ZIPAIR's commitment to sustainability, the airline has partnered with Gryllus Inc. to offer an environmentally friendly meal option to help reduce food waste on its international network. Starting July 1, 2022, the carrier will offer customers the option to purchase special meals rich in protein, including a chili burger topped with tomato or a pasta pescatore plate developed in collaboration with Gryllus. The ingredients in both meals feature a protein rich edible insect in powder form, gryllus bimaculatus. By consuming an alternative source rich in protein, these actions can positively impact climate change. ZIPAIR fully supports the United Nations SDG Action Campaign and as a part of the movement, the Japan Airlines' subsidiary implemented a policy to only serve meals to those that reserve inflight meals in advance, which helps reduce food waste on each flight. Through this partnership, the two corporations aim to reduce food waste and look to promote the consumption of alternative protein sources. Inflight Meals Featuring Gryllus Powder - Chili Burger Topped with Tomato (JPY1,500) Gryllus powder is included in the buns, patty, and the spicy flavored tomato sauce. - Pasta Pescatore (JPY1,500) Soft-shell shrimp, octopus, squid, and clams are cooked in a tomato-based sauce with gryllus powder.

Chili Burger Topped with Tomato
Pasta Pescatore

The inflight meals must be reserved in advance and will be served on flights between Tokyo Narita=Bangkok, Singapore, Honolulu, and Los Angeles. (See Note) (Note) For Honolulu and Los Angeles flights, the chili burger and pasta pescatore dish are only served when departing from Tokyo Narita International Airport. Gryllus' Philosophy is based on a Circular Food Economy Based on a sustainable society, the process of making affordable healthy food accessible on a global scale, while using regenerative approaches to how food is produced, distributed, and consumed. The approach is directly in line with SDG Target 12.3, which aims to halve global food waste at the retail and consumer levels and reduce food losses, including postharvest losses, along supply chains, by 2030. (Source: About ZIPAIR Tokyo Established in 2018 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan Airlines, ZIPAIR features a fully customizable travel experience based on an LCC business model. Offering complimentary Wi-Fi for all classes of travel, the carrier operates the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner configured in a 290-seat layout. One of the few international airlines to provide a contactless inflight experience, ZIPAIR's self-ordering payment system is accessible to order meals and goods through a personal smartphone or tablet. Based out of Tokyo Narita, ZIPAIR currently operates to 5 international destinations, including Bangkok, Seoul, Honolulu, Singapore, and Los Angeles. Starting December 2022, the carrier will launch nonstop flights to Mineta San Jose International Airport, located in Northern California. About Gryllus inc. Gryllus is a Japanese leading cricket producer who has strong basis of world-class knowledge and know-how inherited from 30 years of research in Tokushima University. We have refurbished two closed school buildings located in Mima City, Tokushima Prefecture, to reuse them as a production site and a laboratory respectively. We consistently carry on from breeding, farming, processing, product development, and to sales of edible crickets by ourselves.

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