Regarding Transfers and Same-day Connection Services

For customers transferring from/to ZIPAIR via a different airline, all travelers must go through immigration upon arrival, pick up your checked baggage, and go through Customs inspection. You may be required to provide mandatory documents for entering the country of transit. If you cannot provide the documents, boarding may be refused. Please prepare all travel documents in advance. Customers with same-day connections on select flights operated by ZIPAIR are not required to go through immigration and can transit through Narita airport. Applicable connections are listed below: ZG42 (Incheon-Narita) → ZG2 (Narita-Honolulu) ZG42 (Incheon-Narita) → ZG51 (Narita-Bangkok) ZG52 (Bangkok-Narita) → ZG24 (Narita-Los Angeles) ZG52 (Bangkok-Narita) → ZG30 (Narita-San Jose) ZG52 (Bangkok-Narita) → ZG2 (Narita-Honolulu) ZG52 (Bangkok-Narita) → ZG53 (Narita-Singapore) ZG52 (Bangkok-Narita) → ZG41 (Narita-Incheon) ZG54 (Singapore-Narita) → ZG24 (Narita-Los Angeles) ZG54 (Singapore-Narita) → ZG30 (Narita-San Jose) ZG54 (Singapore-Narita) → ZG41 (Narita- Incheon) ZG54 (Singapore-Narita) → ZG51 (Narita-Bangkok) ZG54 (Singapore-Narita) → ZG2 (Narita-Honolulu) ZG23 (Los Angeles-Narita) → ZG51 (Narita-Bangkok) ZG23 (Los Angeles-Narita) → ZG53 (Narita-Singapore) ZG1 (Honolulu-Narita) → ZG51 (Narita-Bangkok) ZG1 (Honolulu-Narita) → ZG53 (Narita-Singapore) ZG29 (San Jose-Narita)→ ZG53 (Narita-Singapore) ZG29 (San Jose-Narita)→ ZG51 (Narita-Bangkok)