Regarding Transfers and Same-day Connection Services

For customers transferring from/to ZIPAIR via a different airline, all travelers must go through immigration upon arrival, pick up your checked baggage, and go through Customs inspection. You may need to present mandatory documents when entering the transit country. If you are unable to provide the required documents, especially VISA, there is a high likelihood of being denied boarding. Please note, ZIPAIR does not provide SHORE PASS or TRANSIT PASS upon arrival at Narita. Customers who have a confirmed onward ticket to a third country should also ensure they have a valid VISA to enter Japan. Please ensure that you have all necessary travel documents prepared in advance. If you are unable to enter the country at the transit airport and need to return to your departure point, you will be responsible for the associated costs. (Pursuant to Article 12 of the International Conditions of Carriage) If you are transitioning to ZIPAIR following with a different airline, please ensure that you are required to re-check your checked baggage at our designated check-in counter after retrieving it from the baggage claim area. We are not able to accept luggage claims other than check-in with ZIPAIR. Please note, for flights with ZIPAIR, combinations allowing transit at Narita Airport without going through immigration procedures can be confirmed by selecting 'One way (including transits)' when searching for flights. <ZIPAIR flight combinations allowing transit at Narita Airport without immigration> ・Arrival date and departure date at Narita airport must be the same day ・Connection time must be over 60 minutes