Regarding Child Seat Usage

・ZIPAIR provides Baby Safety Seat for infants (0 to 1 year).
・Baby Safety Seats, that customers bring with them, cannot be used in cabin, but they can be check-in as check-in baggage for free of charge. (Check-in Baby Safety Seat will be charged as a check-in baggage, if passenger is not travelling with infant/ children U6 or using it)

*Children weight less than 9kg
・Reservations for infants under 9kg can be made at the contact center.
 Please make an adult reservation first and contact the contact center to make an additional reservation for your child.
 Children aged 0 to 6 and one accompanying adult can assign seat free of charge well in advance.
・The baby safety seat must be installed facing backward. Therefore there are only limited number of seats that allow for the baby safety seat to be installed facing backward.
・If no safety seats are available then in that case adult need to reserve their own seat and hold the infant on their lap.