ZIPAIR offers the following check-in options :

1.Airport Counter Check-In

Passengers who are not able to use the automatic check-in must come to the check-in procedures at Airport Counters within 3 hours to 1 hour before the flight departure time. Check-in after this deadline cannot be accepted.

* Depending on the number of passengers, boarding procedures may start earlier than planned..

* Passengers requiring special assistance should arrive at the check-in counter 2 hours prior to departure.

Other information on how to board and required documents/items can be found in Boarding Your Flight option.

2.Automatic Check-In Machines

You can use the automatic check-in machine/KIOSK on some flights departing from Narita Airport. Please contact ZIPAIR ground staff on the day of departure in order to check which flights can use automatic-check-in machine/KIOSK.

Passengers with checked-in baggage are asked to deposit it at the check-in counter or automatic check-in machine at least one hour prior to departure. You will not be able to check-in baggage past the cut-off time.

* Available services may differ depending on the airport facilities.