ZIPAIR application

If you’re flying with ZIPAIR,
download mobile application of ZIPAIR.

Your trip will be a lot easier and more fun just by downloading the ZIPAIR mobile application. If you do not have it yet, download it right now (or right away)!

Check useful local information about the destination to prepare your trip!

You can view a variety of useful travel tips about your destination.
The app helps you fill out immigration forms, which vary from country to country.

You can check the information on tourist spots in Seoul, Bangkok and Tokyo, as well as transport information and airport information. Furthermore, you can use the app to know how to write your immigration application card.

Get the latest news!

This application will also be notified with information such as upcoming flights, check-in status, boarding gate information etc.

Sample image of notifications such as "Boarding Gate Guidance"

Please download from here (free)

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Applicable OS versions

  • iOS 16 or later

  • Android 10.0 or later