Advancing Gender Equality and Women Empowerment ZIPAIR to Support the Girls be Ambitious Project

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Tokyo, March 4, 2024 – ZIPAIR Tokyo today announced its decision to support Be-A Japan`s launch of its new social project, Girls Be Ambitious (GBA), to advance gender quality and women empowerment. Since the two companies established its strategic partnership in December 2021, ZIPAIR and Be-A Japan have taken initiatives to promote a society to empower more women in the country of Japan. GBA is a project to support women in the workforce for the long-term, which resonated well with ZIPAIR`s corporate philosophy. The project will promote diversity by harnessing the talents, experience, and values of each person, regardless of any external attributes such as nationality, age, sexual orientation, or gender identification. Through this project, ZIPAIR and Be-A Japan aim to realize a society where a diverse range of individuals can thrive and maximize their potential on a global level. Special Livery Aircraft Starting March 4, ZIPAIR will feature the GBA logo on one of its aircraft, including the headrest covers on each seat. Schedule of Operation: March 4 through September 4, 2024 Aircraft Type: JA851J

About GBA

About GBA

Girls Be Ambitious (GBA) is a social project that operates both in Japan and abroad aiming to empower women and build a society where women and everyone connected is able to lead fulfilling lives. We are committed to not only providing products, we strive to create avenues for equal rights and opportunities for everyone in society, enabling each woman to demonstrate her full potential. Additionally, by collaborating with artists who share our values, we create art colored with unique individuality, thereby enhancing the value of companies and brands and blossoming connections between businesses, society, and people. Official HP: Note article on the dialogue between the two companies:

About ZIPAIR Tokyo


Established in 2018 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan Airlines, ZIPAIR features a fully customizable travel experience based on a LCC business model. Offering complimentary Wi-Fi for all classes of travel, the carrier operates the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner configured in a 290-seat layout. One of the few international airlines to provide a contactless inflight experience, ZIPAIR`s self-ordering payment system is accessible to order meals and goods through a personal smartphone or tablet. Based out of Tokyo Narita, ZIPAIR currently operates to eight international destinations, including Bangkok, Singapore, Manila, Seoul, Honolulu, Los Angeles, San José, and San Francisco. Starting March 13, scheduled service to Vancouver will be launched on the carrier`s international network. Official HP:

About Be-A Japan


Bé-A is the brand holder of the GBA project. Based on the concept of “Girls be ambitious. If you can dream it, you can change it. Your life and the world”, we support the mental, physical health and success of all individuals while placing a special focus on women. In addressing the often inconveniences associated with menstruation we developed super absorbent period shorts as a new option to cater to women's needs during that time of the month. Our goal is to empower the diverse lifestyles of women and contribute to a modern society that values sustainable manufacturing and consumption. Official HP:

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