ZIPAIR’s Measures and requests to passengers

ZIPAIR’s Measures Via the onboard Wi-Fi, passengers can use smartphone and tablet devices to download inflight entertainment, place an order on inflight service items, and completing with cashless payment, passengers can enjoy the services without calling upon cabin crew making contacts. Through the onboard Wi-Fi, which everyone can use, passengers can connect to the internet from their seats using smartphone and tablet devices, and enjoy a variety of entertainment contents and place an order on the inflight service and shopping items. Every service can be enjoyed from the passenger’s own devices, so you can use the services safely without any assistance from the cabin crew. At ZIPAIR, we have introduced a completely cashless system, and customers can pay through their smart devices just like online shopping. For purchases on board, face-to-face purchase with a cabin crew member, payments can only be made with a credit card and we do not accept cash payment.

Disinfecting the cabins We are regularly disinfecting all places in the aircraft cabins that passengers will touch, such as the seats, armrests, tables, toilet doorknobs, and washbasins. Ventilating the cabins Our air ventilation system changes all the air in the cabins in two to three minutes by constantly circulating and taking in fresh air from outside of the aircraft into the cabins and then releasing the air outside.   Requests to Passengers Temperature measurement Check your temperature ahead of time. Please refrain from traveling if you feel unwell. Hand disinfection Please regularly sanitize your hands. Ensure spacing at boarding gate When waiting in line at the boarding gate, please keep plenty of space between other passengers. Limiting movement when onboard Please do not change seats in the cabin by yourselves. Request when using the onboard toilets Please disinfect and wash your hands before and after using the toilets. In addition, please close the lid before flushing after use. ※policy of leaving the wearing of facemasks by passengers as well as those airline staff either in the aircraft or airports, up to an individual judgement.